Clone branches within a workflow

It would be great if there was a way to clone an if/then branch within a workflow, especially with multiple "if" criteria. For example, if I'm setting up branches with the same SF campaign IDs but different interactions with an email, (bounce, open, click), it would be nice to create one branch, clone it, and just switch out the email action rather than selecting the same ID criteria over and over again. 

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Being able to copy entire branches and quickly attach them to another process branch in the same workflow (or even different workflows of the same overall process) would be very beneficial.  So would being able to copy or clone specific building blocks, including items already selcted from the drop down menus.



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100% agree. I'm really surprised there aren't more upvotes for this feature request. I run into this pain point on a regular basis. I wonder if I am using hubspot in a unique way by creating workflows on a regular basis... 


The "smarter" you make your workflow (the more you utilize the powerful tech of hubspot) the more complex these workflows get and the more you would run into the bad UX in this case.


The more people rely on these workflows (and the more effective they are), the higher retention for a hubspot subscriber i'm guessing. Seems like it's in hubspot's best interest to create the best UX for their more valuable customers. 

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 A big yes for this idea !


I'm currently creating big workflows reposing on if/so branch. I lost a big amount of time because I had to recreate the same branch.

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A definite yes for this idea. I am currently creating a huge workflow and it would definitely help to have this feature 

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YES!   The ability to copy and or 'group' then copy elements of a workflow would be amazing.


We have specific and detailed lead routing criteria and it is a MASSIVE pain to rebuild this each time we need to route leads. 

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Upvote, upvote, upvote!

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Yes, it shouldn't take all day to create a workflow when I'm just repeating the steps over and over in different if/then branches.

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Hi Everyone,

An idea similar to this seems to be in planning.
It doesn't ask for cloning per se, but does ask for branches to be reconnected to the main branch once an exception is dealt with - in most cases this would negate the need to clone branches over and over again
Vote here:


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I'd love the option to select a series of workflow blocks and cloning them for another branch.


I have a series of If/Thens to notify a team leader based on the deal-owner's team. Now I need to create nearly identical events for EACH team after the initial notification.

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This would be very beneficial. We waste a lot of time recreating the same steps and every criteria and action repeatedly. There’s also so much room for error. Even if we can’t clone a group of actions having the ability to duplicate and move actions would be great as a start. I have made mistakes sometimes putting the wrong string of actions after the wrong if/then trigger only to then have to remove all of them and redo  them. No idea why this one doesn’t have more attention or upvotes. 

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We need this, it's urgent! 

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This would be such a time saver! 


Currently, we have workflows with 2 branches (ie 4 endpoints) for our 14 feedback forms. The end is the same but the middle is different. This means we had to create the endpoint 56 times.

The ability to copy a branch would have been a lifesaver and still can  assist us in the future

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would love this as well..

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3 SUPER impactful workflow improvements (I am sure there are many more) 

1. Clone Branches 

2. Rejoin a branch 

3. Drag/Drop or move a branch or step 



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Upvote from me - this would be extremely useful

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Much needed addition to workflows. Clicking 200 extra times is not fun.

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This is an amazing idea and I'm shocked that it isn't standard yet.

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bumping this idea