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It would be great if there was a way to clone an if/then branch within a workflow, especially with multiple "if" criteria. For example, if I'm setting up branches with the same SF campaign IDs but different interactions with an email, (bounce, open, click), it would be nice to create one branch, clone it, and just switch out the email action rather than selecting the same ID criteria over and over again. 

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Same need one!

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Hi all,


We've now introduced the ability to clone branch conditions within a single branch. This will enable you to more easily create if/then branches with many similar conditions, instead of having to manually add the same filter numerous times, in every branch.


Individual branches can also now be re-ordered using drag and drop, or via the "move up" or "move down" buttons on each condition. Multi-branched if/then branches evaluate enrolled objects in order of the listed branch conditions. Now that you can re-order existing branch conditions, you'll have more control over this evaluation hierarchy and can make changes without the laborious task of deleting/re-creating branches.


See the following post for screenshots of these new features! Also, for anyone interested in cloning entire actions for re-use in a workflow, that is a project we're working on next Smiley Happy


Thanks for your continued feedback!


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clone branchclone branch


re-order branchre-order branch


Oh, yes! We need that desperately, in the same workflow, and also many times copying a branch to another workflow.


The update to clone within the "if/then" branch node is great, and super helpful. But the ability to clone other nodes in a workflow would be invaluable when creating complex workflows. Drift is able to do it to some extent when building chat playbooks. It is literally the only thing I like about Drift.


But now you own Drift, so maybe hop on a Zoom, ask them how they did it, and see if they'll do it again?


Maybe throw in a "pretty please," to really drive it home.  


I have the same need to clone the ENTIRE if/then branch in a worklow.  I'm aware you can clone branch steps within a branch but this is different.  For example when creating a workflow to break apart larger email sends by state and by "last name starts with".  I have to re-type every one of these branches.  It would save a ton of time!  I'm breaking apart the email send first by states and then by last name underneath each state.  I have to re-type the last name branch under every state branch.

HS - workflow send by state and last name.png



I would love to have this feature too! It would avoid mistakes and help us save so much time!