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Clone Tasks for Multiple Clients or Companies

I have one task that I would like to create and tag multiple Clients or Companies.


I have to add an idividual task for each client or company which is very time consuming.

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I have 6 tasks I want to create for every client and the only thing that needs to change is the client name and due date.  There is no way to clone, bulk copy or export and import tasks today.


I would love to see this feature built-in. We are constantly bringing out new products and I have 20 regular customers that I am on the phone with each week. Being able to create 1 task and then clone it across all of my customers would be a game-changer. I often forget whom I have talked to about new products/features. I want a way to track this so I don't sound like a broken record and I also don't forget to tell everyone.

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You can now associate tasks with multiple contacts/companies etc




@hubspot This would be a huge time saver for lots of organizations like mine. The Clone feature is present on so many pages and is a great tool to have. I would to save time by cloning tasks in the future. 


I'd love to see this feature as well. I have a list of recurring tasks that I'd like to set up for each client, but there isn't an easy way to do this. Associating a task with multiple contacts or companies doesn't achieve what I want to do because it only creates one task associated with all the clients. I want a separate task for each client.


Totally agree - would love the opportunity to clone customer service implementation tasks and then edit due dates, etc.