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Clone Quotes

We've started using Quotes (it is very good) but one thing that frustrates is that if the customer requests one small change to a quote before signing you have to redo the whole quote.


We'd like to suggest:

- Ability to clone a quote to a new quote draft

- Draft opens at beginnig of workflow but with all fields fillled in as per previous version.

- Version codes could even be automated.


We understand why the original quote can't be edited, but a clone function would help alleviatea fairly thankless repetitive task, which is, after all, what Hubspot is all about!

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Nuevo miembro

Seconding this! I find it frustrating to have to recreate the entire quote from scratch if a customer requests a minor change, particularly for the more complex quotes. Would LOVE this functionality!

Colaborador ocasional

Totally agree with previous posts! We would like to clone our quotes drafts as well. It just takes to much time to recreate quotes again and again.

Colaborador ocasional

We would like to see the same thing. We have quotes with nearly 100 line items. In the current format, it takes a very long time to get all of the items organized the way we want. The last quote took 2 hours. We forgot to include items and we now have to start all over...

Nuevo miembro

Agreed with Dustin ^^^

Colaborador habitual


Colaborador ocasional

I really hope this is changed in the future. I would like the ability to Reopen a published quote, or clone a a published quote. As I am cruising through the next buttons, too many times I meant to click next, but I published the quote by mistake.... and then i had to redo a new quote. A verification pop up asking it I really want to publish would also be helpful. 


Also, it is really annoying that I have to select all and print to PDF to send it to my VPs to review who don't have the time log into HubSpot, and want to review via email. If I send them a published copy and they want a change, it means a new quote. So I copy and print to PDF, and the formatting is awful, so I have to apologize and ask that they ingore the formatting. 


Last, when the client gets the quote and wants a change before they sign.... I have to yet again re-create a new quote. 


In summary, please allow quotes to be re-opened after they are published. 

Colaborador ocasional

I wish I could upvote this repeatedly. Please add this feature! It would save so much time.

Colaborador ocasional

I understand the reason for not being about to reopen quotes (for document control purposes).


But I second the idea of cloning published quotes in cases where a customer requests small tweaks to a quote.


We are new users, and we would already "like to upvote this continuously" too


We would like to be able to open a quote for a minor change too as our quotes are often super long or complicated with description changes, clients change 20 units to 19, and who doesn't make a typo from time to time?!

It should be possible for changes just to activate a permission request sequence if it is a question of document control no?

Colaborador ocasional

I wish I could like everyone's comments here.