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Clone Quotes

We've started using Quotes (it is very good) but one thing that frustrates is that if the customer requests one small change to a quote before signing you have to redo the whole quote.


We'd like to suggest:

- Ability to clone a quote to a new quote draft

- Draft opens at beginnig of workflow but with all fields fillled in as per previous version.

- Version codes could even be automated.


We understand why the original quote can't be edited, but a clone function would help alleviatea fairly thankless repetitive task, which is, after all, what Hubspot is all about!

August 30, 2022 12:16 PM

Hey folks - Ethan here, product manager for the Product Library and Quotes. Apologies for the missed quarter of updates. I want to let you know that this feature is not on our roadmap for this quarter (Q3, 2022). It is possible to clone quotes on the same deal, but we don't yet support cloning quotes and adjusting their deal association. We've made some progress towards it, but we won't be able to finish in Q3. I'll let you know how things look for Q4 in october.


As a sidenote, I'll be updating the top Ideas associated with Products and Line Items ~once per quarter going forward. I will include (1) whether or not a feature is on the roadmap for that quarter or not and (2) what our rollout plan for that feature is (e.g. will there be a beta or not). If you have feedback about additional information I could include in these updates, drop a note here. If I see a theme, I'll adjust my updates to address that.


I won't be doing this for every idea, but most ideas above 100 kudos will get this treatment. Previously, I had been trying to do it for ideas greater than 25 upvotes, but unfortunately the volume is too high to be practical.

Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
December 02, 2020 12:52 PM

Hey folks - my name is Ethan and I'm the Product Manager responsible for Quotes and the Product Library at HubSpot. I wanted to let you know that while I can't provide a concrete estimate for timing yet, cloning quotes is top of mind for us. I'll update you as we get closer to building it.

Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed
May 18, 2020 11:50 AM

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Deployed the "Overview" tab but nothing on clone quote yet... I know which one is certainly more helpful in sales... 

HubSpot Employee

It looks like this feature is now available





@jruocco isnt this just the old button that is 'Clone' quote but for the same deal? 


@ethankopit Is there any update on this?  cloning quotes and adjusting their deal association is an essential feature