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Clone Quotes

We've started using Quotes (it is very good) but one thing that frustrates is that if the customer requests one small change to a quote before signing you have to redo the whole quote.


We'd like to suggest:

- Ability to clone a quote to a new quote draft

- Draft opens at beginnig of workflow but with all fields fillled in as per previous version.

- Version codes could even be automated.


We understand why the original quote can't be edited, but a clone function would help alleviatea fairly thankless repetitive task, which is, after all, what Hubspot is all about!

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Agree, this would be helpful


Clone is a must. We spend to much time copy paste tekst / terms / description and so on..  


its definitly a big issue. we sometimes have a client who also needs a similar quote mix lets say, and i would like to clone a similar quote i created for a different client. Currently i have to type it up /copy/paste. So inconvenient. Hope this can be resolve soon 🙂


I totally agree with this idea, a lot of my time is spent copying and pasting quotes and it'd certainly free up my time a lot more if we could just clone quotes. 


It'd be good as well if whenever you added an item to the products in a quote, it automatically added it to the library or suggested a previous library entry. 


We have standard product packages that we sell to restaurant franchises and every time a new franchisee needs equipment we have to create essentially the same quote. It would be great to clone or to create a customer quote master that we could add to deals and modify with stuff like installation costs, tax and shipping. 





Status aktualisiert zu: Being Reviewed

Hey folks - my name is Ethan and I'm the Product Manager responsible for Quotes and the Product Library at HubSpot. I wanted to let you know that while I can't provide a concrete estimate for timing yet, cloning quotes is top of mind for us. I'll update you as we get closer to building it.


Cloning a quote would not only be useful for making changes to a published quote for that same contact, but also to replicate that same quote for a different contact (currently I can base a new quote off an existing deal, then open that record under deals and remove the associated contact and company to assign a different one - it works but it's a bit fiddly).  Saving templates with specific products already populated would really be a time-saver as well. We have specific templates in our old quoting system that already have commonly associated products in place, so our reps only need to change the quantity and maybe remove or add an item or two.  It sure would be a time-saver if we could do that in HubSpot.  Thanks!


Cloning quotes is of the utmost importance to our sales team - huge time saver! 


I wish I could upvote this repeatedly. Please add this feature! It would save so much time.


UNBEDINGT! momentan ist nichts belastender, als dass man im hubspot keine Angebote kopieren kann. Jedesmal muss man einzelne Postionen copy&paste übertragen & das macht meist ab 2 Seiten keinen Spaß mehr! 


Yes - cloning / duplicating quotes would be amazing. Please do this! 


I agree with the above regarding updating/editing/renewing an exsiting Quote for a Contact, but it would be even more useful for me in creating a fresh Quote.  It is quite tedious to add individual Line Items from the Product Library every time when a standard Deal/Quote for a Contact has roughly the same 30 lines every time.  Being able to create a Deal or Quote "template" that could be cloned and then customized with the line item editor would be great!


Totally agree




Currently once a QUOTE is created and linked to a specific DEAL, there is NO WAY to change, swap or link the quote to a DIFFERENT DEAL (especially if if quote was accidentally linked to the wrong deal).   This means that to fix and link the quote to the correct deal, the user has to manually create a new quote and link to new deal, and delete the old quote (note below not able to duplicate quotes or deals either) making this very timely, costly and labourous for all users.  Salesforce and other CRM's allow this feature, so hopefully Hubspot can make this more user friendly. 



To overcome this issue and provide more flexibility to users, request Hubspot allow users below to 

a) Duplicate deals - so user can duplicate deals, especially repetitive deals, saving users significant time and resources to focus on their key job rather than just data entry

b) Duplicate quotes - especially repetitive quotes, saving users significant time and resources to focus on their key job rather than just data entry

c) Allow quotes to be recalled and swapped to different deals - allow users to change and correctly link quotes to differen deals

d) When creating a quote, promt users to allow to create a new deal (if one doesn' exist already)


This would be super helpful to clone quotes!


I just discovered "Clone Quote". I want to use the new quote for a different "Company". I cannot add a new Company, only a new Contact. What am I missing? Or, is this functionality missing?



- Create Quote A for Company A and Contact A.

- Clone Quote A to be used for Company B and Contact B.





I really really want to be able to clone a quote and simply associate it with a new company and contact. Why do i have to write up every quote from scratch. I have someone who wants exactly the same service agreement as another customer I have just quoted, so why shouldn't I be able to duplicate/clone that quote and just change the company info. Now I have to start from scratch. Simple feature - huge time saver!


I agree with EErickson - just realised you could Clone (yay!) but I can't change the target company? If we could, it we would be fab - thanks!


The new ‘clone’ function would be so helpful IF we could assign it to a new deal, especially with larger B2B quotes. In a cloned quote I can remove the contact and company, and reassign a new contact (but not a new company, strangely).  But I can never assign it to a different deal. So cloning the quote to use for a new contact leaves it attached to a different contact or company than who it’s actually being sent to. Some of our larger business quotes might have the same 25 line items – very time consuming to replicate for another contact/deal.  That's why we want to clone it - not to use for the same contact.


What we’re really after I suppose is to save a finished quote as a ‘template’ – not connected to any deal, contact or company. Then when we need to send a similar quote to someone, we could open the template, choose a contact, company and/or deal, and just tweak the line items as needed without having to re-enter everything.


Another issue for my staff is the fact that we can’t break up the line items into groups with subheads, e.g. this group of products is for the residents, the next group are for staff, and the third group are optional extras that can be added. Unfortunately, there’s no way to break up larger quotes with subheads with your quoting system.


I do hope you continue to improve it because we really want to use it more, but at this stage it's very limiting.