Clone Meeting Links


Other calendar tools I've used have allowed you to clone your own (or your colleagues') meeting links in order to create similar or identical links that might have different names or slightly different details, but everything else is the same.


For example, I have several different types of retention meetings with clients where my availability, the meeting lengths, the buffer periods, the messages, and other settings are mostly the same, but I want the meeting to have a different name on my calendar - should I really have to start from scratch to create an almost-but-not-quite identical meeting link?


AppointmentCore allows for this and I imagine others do as well. I prefer almost everything about HubSpot meetings to everything I've used before, but this is a pretty big drawback. Thanks!

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Yes please!!!

This would save me so much time on unnecessary repetitive tasks. 


In order to track certain campaigns, my team creates several different meeting links that all have mostly the same properties. It would be AWESOME if there was a way to create a meeting link template that applies the settings from a saved meeting link when creating a new link.

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Yes, please. We need this too.


Need!!! Its a Basic function.. very sad about this


Agreed! This is a basic function that is often needed and would save your customers a lot of hassle and time.


This would also save us a lot of time as we have meetings that we use as templates for specific uses. Having to copy everything manually is tiresome and has made us create incorrect clones of meetings.


We would definitely like this (basic) feature rather sooner than later.


Add the availabillity of changing a meeting scheduling from single person to round robin scheduling by copying all attributes of an existing meeting.


If you want to change an existing meeting from single user to round robin scheduling with complicated follow-ups, forms etc you have to start from scratch,.