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Other calendar tools I've used have allowe dyou to clone your own (or your colleagues') meeting links in order to create similar or identical links that might have different names or slightly different details, but everything else is the same.


For example, I have several different types of rentention meetings with clients where my availability, the meeting lengths, the buffer periods, the messages, and other settings are mostly the same, but I want the meeting to have a different name on my calendar - should I really have to start from scratch to create an almost-but-not-quite identical meeting link?


AppointmentCore allows for this and I imagine others do as well. I prefer almost everything about HubSpot meetings to everything I've used before, but this is a pretty big drawback. Thanks!

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This would save me so much time on repetitive tasks. 


For example - this would have been useful when creating an almost identical meeting link for three different products. Or for example if I just want to change the URL of a meeting and I am forced to create a whole new meeting.

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yes, i have been using calendly for years and it's a basic feature.  for example, i may have a series of meetings whre the only option is 30, 60, or 90 minutes.  with cloning, i could make a small change and be done, instead of starting over each time.

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Agreed. Surprising that Hubspot does not yet have this.

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I'm also into this idea. Spent all afternoon creating meeting links that are identical except for a single field.

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Yes! This would be lovely.


I am in the process of setting up a different scheduling link for each of our service pages with very slightly different language for each link. I'm going to have to do this individually for each of the 6 service pages. It would be much easier to clone them and make the changes than starting over from scratch for each one.


I have this ability with other softwares I have used such as Schedule Once and Setmore. 

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Ops people like me need to be able to clone... basically everything! This would be super helpful. I make meeting links for our team for Thank You pages after application submissions, different meeting links for their follow-up email campaigns, different links for their outbound propspecting emails, etc. We need to track the source, but all the info usually stays pretty much the same. This would save lots of time!!!

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I add my voice to this chorus. Please make duplication a thing!!

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Yes Hubspot 


It shouldnt be difficult. At the buttom that says Actions, include Clone and then a new meeting link appear, with everything the same apart from the name that has "(clone)" added.

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Especially when you have made it possible to have meetings as a form submission this is something we would like to use more. Make it Cloneable!


Now I am off to spend two our on manually cloning meeting links - take care

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Yes, please! Right now I make all of the meeting links for all of our staff so they are across-the-board the same in terms of wording, branding, messaging, etc. It would make my life SO much easier if we could clone links.