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Clone Deal Pipelines

Hubspot Team,


Would be great to be able to clone Deal Pipelines or have Deal Pipeline templates as many of our pipelines are similar and now we are manually reacreating pipelines that are simlar or identiacal to other pipeleines.




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March 30, 2020 10:00 AM

@DCL Thanks for your follow up! There are a few important things to consider here: 

1. Things that seem easy may not be. There may be downstream implications in other part of the product or unforseen technical challenges to work through. 
2. There are a certain number of resources available to all of us (engineering, hours in a day, etc.). In order to be effective we need to increase focus on the work that benefits our customers most. There are hundreds of ideas on the forum worthy of consideration, but in order to build a great product we cannot work on all of them. 
3. For everything we add to HubSpot, we are adding to the list of things our customers need to understand to use the system. With this comes an increased maintenance cost.

It's not that this idea will never be delivered. Instead, I wanted to be as transparent as possible that this is not something we plan to deliver in the immediate future. 

Not Currently Planned
March 30, 2020 08:47 AM

Hello HubSpot Community, 

Thank you as always for your continued feedback, it helps us build a great product.

We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our priorities and roadmap to deliver as much value to our customers as possible. At this time cloning a pipeline
 is not something our team is currently planning to build natively into HubSpot. This is certainly subject to change in the future and we will update this idea if that becomes the case. 

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This is an absolute must have feature. It'll save hours and hours each month that we onboard new clients and assign them a list of accounts. We're in high growth mode as a company and one of the main goals is to keep our turnover rate low so ideally we'll need to create new pipelines for every new hire that comes on board! 


It would be great if you could clone pipelines. Would safe some much time!


+1 here...

I'm shocked that it is not possible to clone pipelines... Given my last 4 years of experience with HS i agree this is a no brainer gien the hours and errors that are reduced. My teams have constantly complained about this issue.

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This would be valuable for us - we have a lot of required fields for deal stages, and recreating those is tedious. 

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This feature is really needed. Many clients have the same pipeline stages for different brands/ regions/ teams and having to build it from scratch for each one can be very time-consuming. 

Our rep said that we all have to request a "road block" be created for this
improvement to make the project list. So please reach out to your rep.

I am BLOWN away that this is been requested since 2017 and it is still not considered. Every customer I have ever worked with could have benefit from this feature. So many companies run the same business flow but need separate Pipelines. A template or clone function - even if it's just the Configure tab and not the Automate tab. 


Adding my name to this as well. This would be a really really useful feature and save hours



plz bring this!!!


Agreed! This would help our organization as well.




YES, a cloning oppurtunity for pipelines, would be much appreciated!!


100% agree with this, to be able to simply clone a Pipeline would be an incredible time saver! Hubspot please implement this!


We recently started to merge with other companies and are set to acquire more, this is needed


We would find it massively useful if we could clone pipelines or have pipeline templates.


It would be really helpful fur us as well.

We have 1 pipeline with all the automations, but i'm not really looking forward to copy pasting it for all sales reps. 


Would be good...


It has been now 6(!) (six) years that the community asks the hubspot managers to implement the cloning / duplicating of pipelines.
This issue has been ignored by the management of Hubspot all over these years. 
That's a shame.


Again, I ask : please implement that feature.


I don't need to clone a pipeline, just a Deal.  We repeat work for our customers every year or three years, depending on the description.  Would be great to be able to clone the old Deal when requoting the repeat work.


I am really surprised that the cloning function has still not been added to deal pipeline. @hubspot please make this happen.  You can clone almost anything else in HubSpot now.


This would be a huge time saver. I have another couple of Pipelines to create and am not looking forward to the manual entry of each Stage.