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Would be great to be able to clone Deal Pipelines or have Deal Pipeline templates as many of our pipelines are similar and now we are manually reacreating pipelines that are simlar or identiacal to other pipeleines.




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Any word, is cloning a deal pipeline available? 

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Totally agree. All of our Sales Pipelines have the same 6 deal stages, so it's just extra work to have to re-create them for each new Pipeline created.

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It would save us manual work if we were able to clone both:

1 - Deal pipelines, &

2 - Deals

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It's 2019 and this feature is not available.



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Seriously. Why does it take 2 years to make a change like this? 

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Time is ticking people.... why is this not there? Should be a very simple implementation!

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No progress?

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Completely agree with all of this. My pipelines have a lot of stages and automation associated with each stage. I need the same stages and automation for different pipelines because of different types of clients. It would be great to clone a pipeline and it's associated automation rather than having to spend hours manually duplicating the same pipeline over and over. 

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It has been two years since this idea was first proposed.  Has Hubspot addressed this in any way?

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Plus 1.  Up vote!

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I'm a crm veteran who just started using Hubspot.  It is pretty impressive, but I seriously am really surprised that you can't duplicate a pipeline.  Definitely +1 for this request!

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YES!  We need this function as well!

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I need to be able to clone ticket pipelines, too.

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@hubspot how many people have to request this?
+1 for me as well

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You can do this via the workflow tool.  I was previously doing it via the API, but its actually pretty easy to clone a deal (for ex. create a "duplicate this deal" field and then set the workflow criteria to kick-off when the value of that field is "Yes."  The workflow actions are then to create a new deal and copy fields from the original deal to the deal that is created.  You can do it all through the GUI interface.  When you create the new deal set the "duplicate this deal" field to "No" on the deal that is created.

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@zbelcher I want to clone the whole pipeline with all the stages and workflows, not the individual workflows within the stages. We have long pipelines which are similar in many stages but have significant differences. It is a real pain to rebuild the entire thing.

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I think the same could be said for service pipelines!