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I use Hubspot as a guide for making sales telephone calls. Frequently, I will reach a person on the telephone, who tells that me someone else in his company is a better point of contact. Everything in the first person's contact is often unchanged for the second person, excepting name, title, email address and phone number. However, sometimes even the phone number is unchanged. I might stumble through a half dozen new contacts in one such company before finally finding the right person to visit with, but all along the way I may be accumulating information on all six contacts, which will contribute to moving me closer to closing a deal. Sometimes I get all the way down to contact number six, and I find that contact number two is the REAL DEAL CLOSER.


I would like to be able to make new contacts by cloning the old contacts. I know that Hubspot bases everything on email addresses, and will not permit duplicate email addresses, which I agree is a good idea. However, if you go through a cloning process there WILL be, at least temporarily, a cloning of emails, which is not currently allowed. Hubspot should be set up so that temporarily copying cloned data is allowed until you hit the final "Save" button.


The way things are set up now I have to export one single contact into a csv file and then go through the laborious clicking process of changing that one exported file to the name and email address of the new contact and then turn around and import the new contact back into Hubspot. That's a LOT of trigger work for just one contact. I could key the contact in from scratch faster except now I am talking about increased probability that I will make a typo on something and corrupt the new contact so that I can't find it in a new search or I can't use it even if I find it.


You guys and gals are REALLY smart, but I think this is a glitch in your code, and it really needs to be fixed. Thanks, and best regards, Charles.

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Great idea. Freshsales has this.


I agree this is a very good idea and it would save users a lot of time.  In my experience with other CRMs, including those I've built myself, this feature was a 'given'.  The (temporary) duplicate email issue can easily be resolved by appending "clone_" to the original email address in the cloned entry form so (1) it is unique, and (2) its bogus so it won't work until the local-part of the email address is changed, while keeping the domain part of the email address intact.


I have 50+ contacts at the same company. It is a waste of my time to have to enter the same information each time. With ACT! and Salesforce, I was able to duplicate the company info and add the individual information.


Really need this!


This a feature on Freshsales that I sorely miss.


Cloning contacts from the same company is a must have feature.  Additionally if I am in a company and want to create 1 or more contacts under that company, I should be able to create the contacts and the company information should automatically be filled in so I don't have to do this for each new contact.


I concur, this is necessary.  I hate having to add  all the properties AGAIN for a new prospect/customer. It  is an unnecessary process, we can clone and change the information for the new contact which would expedite my daily data workload tremendously. 


Glad to see that I am not the only one who had this idea. I upvote the ability to clone a contact.


Hi Hubspot Team,


I totally concur with above, I have just returned from maternity leave and have worked with Zoho CRM previously and cloning a contact is one of the key features they have and jsut presumed that this would also be available in Hubspot - just yesterday I have online session with company and I have 1 contact record already saved, there was another key decision maker on the session and I just had to add him on - only 3 records are difference, firstname, lastname and email - but could not find away to clone the record and then found above people having same issues. I upvote the ability to clone a contact.


I agree.  We should always track and record every connection we make.  What may seem to be a contact with no impact now mayh be promoted to key player later.  Any all history we have with that contact both good and bad will be very useful as we go on. 


Absolutely agree with everyone else on this thread.  I'm shocked that there's not a duplicate button to do this with Contacts and Companies that are very similar.  Would be helpful for multiple contacts at a firm, multiple offices at one company, etc.  As otherss have noted, this has been available for years at Salesforce and every other major CRM.  When I mentioned this to a customer service rep, I was told, "it isn't fair to compare Hubspot to other companies."  Whelp, if that's the response, it won't be long before all business goes to your competitors...


This would be a really great addition and save so much time, making adding additional contacts much more of a lean process


This is really a must-have feature as it saves us so much copay-pasting time!