Clients should be able to add a "location" when Scheduling meeting from contact record

We are in the real estate and mortgage industry and we use Meetings a lot to schedule an appointment with realtors and clients. However, we run into the problem of trying to connect with the client or realtor to set a meeting place after they booked a meeting which is usually a phone tag because it's another step that we need to take after the client booked a meeting. 

I know we can always add a "location" field as a custom question but the location doesn't import on the "location" field on outlook or gmail.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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@greenolea we do allow the user to set a location in the Meetings link settings. To clarify, you are looking for a way for the contact to deteremine and set a location when booking that will be captured on the calendar invitation?

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Hi all, 

unfortuntely there is no further comment... I think I have the same problem: When inviting a customer I can not add the meeting location. 

Is there any possibilty to solve this?



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I agree. The posted suggestion is regarding scheduling a meeting right from the contact record (not using the Meetings tool as responded to by @hroberts).  It seems like a "no-brainer", considering that Hubspot integrates with Google Calendar and allows you to schedule a meeting, but for some reason does not allow specifying a location for that meeting. This would be the same as saying you can send an email from within Hubspot, but you cannot specify the subject-line.  

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I totally agree with the comments above.  This is such a basic feature that I couldn't believe it wasn't already there.  If you have the ability to schedule a meeting then obviously you should also have the ability to specify the location for the meeting.

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I agree. All my meetings have locations and I like to add it with my appointments. Now I must go out of my way and add it to the google calendar event. I think this is a must.

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How do ideas rise to the top?  This is an essential feature, basically means you can't use the Schedule tool for in person meetings.  Not sure how to get this seen by more people to garner more votes.

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As a new PAID Hubspot user (and also in the Mortgage Broking space) this is a VERY important feature to me. On the surface it seems like an easy integration. Can you please look into this or at least trial this for uptake. 

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This is a great idea. I agree with comments above that it's essential to able to specify a location for your meeting when you a creating it against a deal, contant or company.

Our whole team need a location to understand the place thier heading too for the meetings.

When you're getting in the car and looking where you need to go to punch into satnav it's really easy to glance at the location in the appointment view in the outlook app or Apple calendar view without having to open up the calendar event.  It's also important to communicate to a customer in the calendar invite where the agreed location for the meeting is too. 


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this is a great idea, please add this feature

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Great idea, it will save going into Outlook to add the location and sending an update to meeting recipients from there. These non-productive minutes all add up during the working days/ weeks.


Please add the feature!



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i agree, i need my customers to know where we are meeting and the integration to my calendar so i can click on the road the address which flows onto my maps. 

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Just agreeing with everything everyone has said here, meetings and the lack of a native / fully intergrated calendar consistently let Hubspot down. such a basic feature to be able to add locations to meetings and also then view those meetings future and past within hubspot.



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This is an important feature for us. Our Inside sales team sets up the meeting and send an invitation to our field sales team to go and visit the location. If we add the location on the invitation the handling over of lead to the sales team would be streamlined. Also, the client can also see and confirm the desired location.


Hope Hubspot solves this issue soon, its an important feature for us and other organization as well who follows inside sales and field sales combination.