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Hello everyone! One of our clients need is to have a client feedback after a chat conversation, since we'are using chatbots for them, we would like to be able to gather the client feedback through the chatbot itself, but it is not avaliable yet.

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It would be helpful to be able to trigger the automatic sending of a Customer Support Survey through a method other than a ticket closing.


For example, if a customer support rep is working on an issue with someone over chat, the Customer Support Survey could be triggered by the rep closing the chat. While it is possible to create a ticket for the chat and then close the ticket to trigger the survey, that is more steps for the rep and runs the chance of that step being skipped.




Would also really appreciate this.  Would be great to get feedback on how a chat discussion went or how the whole checkout process went for our online store.


I would find it very helpful to be able to trigger a customer satisfaction survey based on a form submission.  


When a customer registers their warranty via a HS form on our website, I'd like to automatically get their input on how the process went via the customer satisfaction survey.


Once our team closes the chat on their end, prompt the customer to "Rate This Chat" with an NPS score embedded in the chat window itself.


We're trying to gather some feedback on how our reps are doing and I think we'd get a much higher response rate if customers can rate their experience immediately after the chat ends.


Whenever a chat ends, contacts should be able to rate their experience about the chat and give feedback. It would be nice if a pop-up survey appeared on the screen right after the chat is closed.


+1 here as well - we had this feature with our previous chat tool and lost it while migrating over


Also very interested on this feature!

Also I'd like to track the "chat satisfaction" for each of the agents in my team individually.


+1! Very interested in this feature. We want to know what our customers think about us and very often we handle conversations without creating a ticket.


+1 This would be very useful


We would also, very much appreciate this feature. We have come from Intercom to Hubspot, and we had the ability to push a survey through the chat. We were getting many more responses than we are now when CSAT was pushed through chat.


The easiest way would be to to use the Feedback option and just give the possibility to use the trigger "chat".


We also would like this.  More work for agents to have to create a ticket from a chat just to get a survey.


We would also like this feature to be added as we would like to provide the survey to clients once they finish their live chat conversations. 


Up! also interested in this option. 


If you do add this feature, make sure that the feedback questions do not cover up the answer.  I was on a chat with another company, and was multitasking and when I came back to the chat window about five minutes later, all I saw was the survey, not the answer.  I filled out the survey with bad rreview, then   the answer was revealed.    Not a good customer experience at all, and will lead to bad surveys even if the answer was provided.   If I can't see it, I do not know. 


Good idea, please add this functionality. A simple 5 star rating option would suffice. 

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Capturing feedback through our chat experience is something the team is currently exploring - we will update this post with more info and feedback in the next couple months. 


Hi @mfreiert 


I think that is a spectacular idea to have in this tool. Would also really appreciate this.  Would be great to get feedback on how a chat discussion went. Please add. 


We would love this feature as well, upvote provided. Not only would this help provide a way for our team to get quick feedback in chat with a thumbs up or down, or some kind of 5 point grade system... but with our Chat Bots we currently are looking at providing Surveys on Tickets the Bot sets up for users. This is the only way we are going to be able to measure success with bots besides the analytics.