Click tracking on email web version

Currently there's no way to see track/measure clicks on the webpage version of emails. We only get a number for how many people clicked on the email to view it as a webpage. From there, any action they take to click-through is going untracked. Our account rep confirmed that this functionaility does not currently exist in HubSpot, but it sure seems like pretty basic info that needs to be available.

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I would add that I don't think clicks to view an email as a webpage should be counted as a formal "click", certainly without additional click information. We are interested in CTA and value clicks, which the webpage is not unless people continue to engage.

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I agree. It should count as an open, rather than a click. The click is simply a mechanism to open the browser version of the email. 

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We need this as well. Because of issues with how certain email templates are being rendered in certain email clients, many contacts open the web version of our emails and from there on - it's darkness.

Are you planning to include this feature soon? At least for native CTAs.

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Seems like a no-brainer. Why wouldn't click activity on the web version by considered valuable enough to track?? Please implement!