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We're using more than one email sending domain in our portal. But currently, it's not possible to set up email click tracking for different domains - we can only set up one. So it would be very helpful, if we could set up more than one click tracking.

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Same problem with me. Totally agree with the idea and the changes.


This is much needed. Our customer service team receives many complaints and concerns about this and it likely is having an unmeasurable impact on our email marketing effectiveness.


This should be addressed ASAP as I am sure we are not the only Multi-Brand Hubspot customer.


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Agreed -- this should be added in right away. When we are working with multiple brands, the preview URL should be selectable, since most brands tend to operate separately.


This is a common feature in other CRMs like Dynamics 365 Sales.


We are running into this exact issue and it actually a confidentiality issue for our company.  I look forward to Hubspot developing something to address this very soon.


We are newly onboarded and incredibly disappointed in how this is organized for multi-brand users. It's clear this has been an ongoing issue for years, but no one has addressed at all? 

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I'm an architect at an agency facing two upcoming implementations with companies who carry multiple labels each, and want to keep these separated in the structure as much as possible. Multiple brand domains seems like the only way to go, but just to clarify, even if we have multiple brand domains, I still can't add additional email click tracking domains?

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Agreed - this really needs to be something HubSpot tackles soon especially if they plan to continue to sell the value of the brand domain add-on. 


My team is running into the same issue and its quite annoying as we have 3 different brands under our accont. It would be great to have the option to add different click tracking domains.


I would also love this feature! We have four brands sending emails out of our single account and the redirect URL that displays when customers first click a marketing email link may be confusing to some. For example, we sent an email from our brand "Routine" but the URL they first see in their web browser says 

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Hi folks- 


We recently added this functionality into the product. It is packaged into the Business Units functionality which is currently in Beta. We have some knowledge base instructions coming soon but the tldr is this. 


From your settings > marketing > tracking > click tracking domains page (if you are in Business Units), you can configure a click tracking domain per Business Unit. You then when creating an email choose which Business Unit that email belongs too. Then HubSpot will automatically take care of making sure the right domain gets used with that email. 


I'll share a link to that documentation when it becomes avaliable 😃. Happy Tuesday, and Happy Inbound!



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Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

The documentation for this is now live under the marketing email section here:


Appreciate that this has been added. 


Possible expansion is to add this feature beyond the Business Unit capabilities. With the increased number of domains we can add at the Enterprise level, my company can have several domains for emails but not use Business Units.