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Click tracking for more than one domain

We're using more than one email sending domain in our portal. But currently, it's not possible to set up email click tracking for different domains - we can only set up one. So it would be very helpful, if we could set up more than one click tracking.


Agree 100% - in our case, this would not only be helpful but crucial. The click tracking links show up as a hover in email clients. As each of our different domains represent a different company, it's confusing for customers to see the URL of another company in an email. We use the HubSpot email feature extensively across the three brands, for automated and scheduled emails so it's not possible to change the Primary Email Domain prior to each email distribution. We're hacking together a work-around with a fourth, possibly more neutral domain, but it's also causing our CEO to consider moving away from HubSpot altogether.


I agree. At our company, we have numerous brands. Limiting us to one email tracking domain results in some of our email recipients to think that the link they are about to click on is spam/has a virus because it's a domain they do not recognize. Allowing more than one email tracking domain is very important to our email marketing. 


Very important that this gets fixed as we have many contacts in HS that would consider  this error as spam 


Absolutely necessary to have this fixed. We are a multiple domain company, and we need this ASAP! 


Totally agree, we sure need this urgently! It is crucial for our company to be able to set up more than one click tracking domain.


I agree with the above comments. We have multiple brands and setting up more than one click tracking domain is a must for us. 


As above. I'm responsible for an account that has multiple separate brands, that need to stay separate, as well. Please consider implementing a way for us to setup multiple click tracking domains, and to select which domain to use on a per-email basis.



We have three blogs and accordingly each should have its own link for tracking. We really need this setting, as many customers are afraid to click on links in letters containing other domains and we’re losing conversions, and this is very bad!

Does the HubSpot Developer Service have any plans to implement this?

We hope that you will be able to implement this in the near future


+1 to this feature!  I operate an account with multiple brands and the click tracking domain is becoming an large issue for us. 


Would like to see the option to select click tracking domain for each brand domain, IMHO this is actually a pretty large oversight in the way hubspot implements Brand Domains. 



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Also absolutely necessary for us, As our customer has more than one brands in his account and I need to change this all the time manually, when sending out mails.

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Currently, in HubSpot, all links in an email are directed to the click tracking domain (typically the primary email domain). While this is okay in many instances, sometimes it's really not.


Where companies have multiple brand domains connected to a portal it means the email can be sent out in the branding for Brand A, but all links when clicked go to a URL for Brand B before redirecting to the correct page. On a slow connection, recipients can see this link and this can cause confusion for customers.


It's made even worse for companies operating a multi-brand strategy in a single market. 


Ideally, if a portal uses brand domains, it should be possible to select the click tracking domain when sending an email to match the brand domain.

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I have the same problem. I have to switch the domain each time I'm sending out an email, as we have multible brands in one account. Especially when sending out emails for different brands on the same day, this is really not user friendly



When HubSpot tells you, you can manage multiple brands from one account this should be a given. We are just now getting started on Hubspot and this is extremely frustrating to find out. We have 6 different brands in our account, they absolutely can not have the primary domain showing up in the other 5 brand emails. This is going to cause more work on our team to have to create custom tracking URLs for every email. 


I have read other people having this same I am creating a new post in hopes Hubspot will address this. 


When I forward the email from connected inbox to hubspot forward address the forwarded emails get associated with the contact which is fine, but it also gets associated with all the deals that the contact is part of which does not suite in general.


I would prefer if I could choose which deal I want to associate every email to.


So I look forward to a solution or method where forwarded emails from connected inbox, should not be automatically associated with the deals that the contact is part of.


Yes please set this up, I don't like that when you hover over a link or image, it shows the main hubspot account's domain, which is not my "Team"s domain (for branding purposes). 


We really need to automatically associate new contacts with deals that are related to the company their email domain matches.


I was searching for a solution in another thread where a Community Manager from HubSpot suggested posting the request here because this was monitored by their Product Team.  It is such a basic feature that it is hard to believe it doesn't exist and even harder to believe it has not been address here, in this monitored group, by HubSpot's Product Team.  Every day something about HubSpot makes me miss Salesforce.  Never thought I would say that...



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We notice with multible Brand Domains this can lead to emails being classified as phishing.
So really urged.