Click on date in Calendar to schedule blogs, emails, landing pages and social media posts

We've recently started exploring the use of the Calendar tool (under Productivity in Marketing side of HubSpot), which provides a good visibility into content going out.

However, the tool could be much more productive if we could click on the date on the actual Calendar grid, and then have the option to schedule tasks, blogs, emails, landing pages and social media posts directly on that date – an interactivity similar to how Outlook or Google Calendar works.

Currently, the only way to schedule content from the Calendar is via the Schedule or Create task drop down buttons on the upper right hand side, and that requires us to remember the date when we would like to schedule the content. Now that is not a hard thing to remember at all, but when dealing with volume it does slow things down a bit. Building the ability to directly schedule tasks/content onto a date that we click on the Calendar interface would make it a whole lot easier to manage these editorial calendars.

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Absolutely, submitted the same idea to our HubSpot rep. Would be keen to see this as soon as possible. As this is one of the features I miss from a competitor programme I used to use.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Hey all,


Just wanted to reach out and let you know that a new social calendar is in beta! This covers the "option to schedule social media posts directly on a date" part of your request. If you have already been ungated, toggle to the calendar while in the Publishing tab (illustrated below).


Social Calendar Beta.png


















If you don't see that option, fill out this form to get on the beta.



Social Product Team