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Clearing Error Messages in Workflows

It's great that we can see the errors in a workflow, but it would be even better if we could clear them from the New Workflow Error Tab.


For example, I have an error messages based on a contact unsubscribing, so obviously, the email could not be sent.  This is good to know, but there is no way to clear/resolve the error.  The contact is automatically removed from the workflow, however the error message remains so it also appears on the Workflow Error tab.


Can functionality be added to manually "resolve" the error so it no longer appears on the Workflow Error Tab?

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Yes, we would appreciate this function also. Because if this is not available all workflows that have ever had a problem will stay there and this makes this function quite irrelevant and not working as Error dashboard...


Agreed. Without this functionality how are we supposed to properly manage errors?

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The only option is to delete the workflow, which makes no sense. UPVOTED


This would be great! Otherwise it's hard to see if there are any current and pressing errors that need our attention, because the workflow is already always in the error list.


Totally agree!!! We have the same with unsubscribe from e-mails!


This would be great! I have an error from a contact having not been made a marketing contact, I fixed that but did not have reenrollment on, so even wiht everything fixed, it is still listed as a workflow with errors. 


And for anyone who hated red pen marks in school, this error notification after the error has been resolved is about 10 times more annoying. 


I agree. Otherwise keeping track of new errors is super hard.


This would be really helpful. 


Yes! Deleting and re-creating the workflow is too risky and cumbersome. Too many other things rely on it (lists, other workflows, sequences). This is so annoying and inefficient. 


Yes, I agree to this.


We need a way to remove error (esp when contact has no email id) workflow from the error tab. 

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Is this really not a feature already? SUPER annoying that it stays there even after reviewing each one to the n'th degree/detail.


HubSpot, please give us the ability to clear errors.  Managing new workflows for a client and optimizing issues.  So hard to know what's been addressed and what hasn't.  We need to be able to update the error once we've corrected the record and the workflow.  Thank you! 


Leaning in here - clearing errors would be massively helpful


This would be very helpful when we are cleaning and fixing workflows, so other team members know we have investigated and fixed them, without having to leave a comment on a random action to explain how the errors don't disappear


Yes, we would appreciate this function also. Because if this is not available all workflows that have ever had a problem will stay there and this makes this function quite irrelevant and not working as Error dashboard...

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Actaully what @LStoichkova pointed out, just happened to me. 


I had a client contact me because their email flow had stopped. I didn't notice because that workflow had thrown an error after it's initial launch so there wasn't a way for me to discern. Considering they never go away, I don't really go checking because how would I know what's old/new? Seems to only show a short history of errors, so it's hard to discern newest from oldest.


That being the case, I've had to install a ton of if/then measures to include an "Error" check on most every branch/level of the workflows that I create. To be honest, I'm not sure I mind what I'm doing that much only because I'm able to send myself a much more detailed internal notification with exactly the information I want to know from what happened in the workflow.

But it would still be nice to beat my clients to the punch on a problem without having to manually create the safety net.


Yes, we're experiencing the same. We've got some errors from some live campaign testing, which my MD keeps flagging in meetings, but we can't clear the errors. Really need to be able to clear the errors after reviewing and/or fixing them before other campaigns are tested or go live. If we can't review and clear them, I believe the marketing team will still start to ignore them.


Dismissal of alerts needs to be a function, it's a very fundamental feature for working with alerts of this kind imo – otherwise there's a significant risk of overlooking recurring errors in workflows due to the ever-present alert status.

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Upvoting this idea, it would be a great feature to have the ability of "resolving" the error alerts. 


Agree, this would be great - there's no easy way to tell team members that errors are resolved