Clearing Error Messages in Workflows


It's great that we can see the errors in a workflow, but it would be even better if we could clear them from the New Workflow Error Tab.


For example, I have an error messages based on a contact unsubscribing, so obviously, the email could not be sent.  This is good to know, but there is no way to clear/resolve the error.  The contact is automatically removed from the workflow, however the error message remains so it also appears on the Workflow Error tab.


Can functionality be added to manually "resolve" the error so it no longer appears on the Workflow Error Tab?

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Yes, we would appreciate this function also. Because if this is not available all workflows that have ever had a problem will stay there and this makes this function quite irrelevant and not working as Error dashboard...


Agreed. Without this functionality how are we supposed to properly manage errors?

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The only option is to delete the workflow, which makes no sense. UPVOTED


This would be great! Otherwise it's hard to see if there are any current and pressing errors that need our attention, because the workflow is already always in the error list.


Totally agree!!! We have the same with unsubscribe from e-mails!