Clear template in Conversations Inbox Email Editor

Adding this on behalf of a customer:

If I create a new e-mail in the Conversation mailbox ('create' top left)and I have already selected recipients and a template, edited the subject if necessary, and then I change my mind and still don't want to write this e-mail, how do I discard this draft.


If I close this e-mail with the X, and then later start a new e-mail (same way via Create), the contents of the old e-mail are all still in it and I have to delete recipient, subject and contents before I can write a new one.


How can I 'clear' an already created e-mail? This feature doesn't exist yet and would improve the workflow enormously.


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it would be wonderful to have an option to clear the content of this Email in order to start all over again, fast.


Thanks for taking this into consideration to add this small feature into hubspot.


Christine Lindner