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Choose which properties can be indexable / searchable

Currently there are only the key contact properties that can be brought up by a 'Search' from the top bar.


We'd like to choose which fields/properties are indexed so that we can easily have particular contacts appear in search results.


At the moment, we need to make a filter every time we need to search within a custom property.


If that custom property could be added to fields that the search function indexes that would make our workflow so much faster & easier.

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my customer on a starter subscription will greatly benefit from being able to do this as well!

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While we can choose which properties can show in search results - those search results are only specific to the search bar within the top navigation. If I have a custom ticket property for "Site Name" or "Ticket Number" and I check the box that I want that property to show in search results (within the property settings), then I want to be able to use that property value to search in the Search box on that object view screen.


In this example, I want to be able to type in the name of the Site (Site Name custom ticket property) to the search box on the Ticket view and see a list of tickets that match that search.





I agree with FlywheelKinetic. We need to search for order numbers and it would be nice to customize it so we could choose what are the most important easily searchable properties.



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