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Choose which calendar(s) booked meetings appear on

While it certainly is great that we can now integrate multiple calendars in the Meeting tool, the events only appear on the default calendar.


It would be great if HubSpot offered the option to choose which calendar/s the events appeared on. For example, in the Meetings tool settings if there were a list of all the integrated calendars with the options to check off "Which calendars would you like to have booked meetings appear on?" so that you do not have to search through several different ones.


A use case example of this would be a customer that perhaps has several different calendars tracking different events at demos@company.com, consultations@company.com, and conventions@company.com. If they have employees booking meetings on all these calendars, sure we now pull the availability from both, but this can be a pain for users that might not have access to the default calendar or primarily use a different one.

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Empleado de HubSpot
Empleado de HubSpot

Currently, it is possible to add and remove multiple calendars to the Meetings tool, but as the system is set up right now, an accounts default calendar MUST be used. It would be beneficial if it were possible to only assign a secondary calendar.
For example, I have a default calendar that I use to plan my work day and meetings within the office, but I want to block off time on that calendar to be available for Phone Calls with customers. If I block off that time on my default calendar but have a calendar set up for my contacts to set up meetings with me, the time I blocked off on my default calendar is considered unavailable for my secondary.

Nuevo colaborador

I fully aggree. Currently I've got an email that has a calendar for personal items, a calendar for my project, and a calendar for my school schedule. My personal items are my default calendar, and every time I get a meeting booked through Hubspot, it sets it up as personal calendar event. If I go in and change it to one of my additional calendars, it duplicateds the meeting. I find this very frustrating, and I see the only recourse is to modify which one of my calendars is the default, which is certainly not ideal for me. 

Nuevo colaborador

Yes! This is a must. The only reason I subscribed to the HubSpot Meetings feature was to be able to have meetings go on multiple connected calendars (and based on the availability on just those certain calendars), not adding the meeting to the main calendar based on availability on the connected calendars. Until I can get the functionality I need here, I'll be unsubscribing from that feature, because it's unfortunately of no use to me in its current state. 

Colaborador ocasional

I would love for this feature to be implemented. I have a couple of meeting links: one for me, for prospects to book phone time - and one for my wider team, to be embedded into our website, for prospects to book webinars at their convenience. I made a new calendar for the latter so that all slots would be available, but I cannot choose which meeting links to which calendar, rendering the second meeting link essentially useless unless we buy more Sales Pro accounts and dedicate one just to meeting booking, which is not likely.


Empleado de HubSpot
Empleado de HubSpot

This is a great idea!!

Nuevo miembro

Yes! I'm a bit suprised that this isn't already a thing

Colaborador ocasional

This would help us out a lot!