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Child and Parent Companies in Mobile App

I need to be able to see and modify the parent and child companies associated to a Company record when using the Mobile App. I anticipate this would just be another section added to the Associations tab when looking at a Company record.

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I don't have a solution for modifying, but we did just deploy something that allows you to see and easily navigate to a parent company from a child company. It's a little clunky, but it works.


  1. Create three new company properties:
    • Parent Company Name (type = text)
    • Parent Company ID (type = unformatted number)
    • Parent Company Link (type = text)
  2. Create a company workflow:
    • Trigger = Parent Company is known (turn on re-enrollment)
    • First Action = Copy 'Parent Company' to 'Parent Company Name'
    • Second Action = Copy 'Parent Company' to 'Parent Company ID'
    • Third Action = Set 'Parent Company Link' to{{ company.parent_company_id }}
  3. Add the following properties to the left-hand sidebar about section for companies
    • Parent Company Name
    • Parent Company Link

In the mobile app, this will allow you to see the name of the parent company and a clickable link to the parent company's record in the About tab on a child company's record. You may have to log out and log back in to see the changes in the mobile app.

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The ability to view parent/child companies was requested in the Japanese Community as well. (Link to thread)

It'll be handy to have this feature on mobile!