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Checkbox option for Terms & Conditions in Quotes

It would be useful to implement a checkbox option to insert terms and conditions before the prospect clicks "purchase".

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Additionally, if you could attach legal doucments to be signed along with the quote, that would be even better!


General, a possibility to add documents which can be accepted within the offer with ticking a box would be great, maybe with the dependency that without accepting this, you can't accept or sign the offer.

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Are there any updates on this at all? I also think this would be an amazing feature to have 


This would be really, really useful.

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Any updates on this at all? 


Please review this @hubspot This would be an amazing feature to have!


Just a nudge and bump for feedback on this idea.. Assuming (hoping) this might be included in the new Quote system hubspot are working on this year or next


Having checkboxes would allow us another level of granularity and functionality with Hubspot Quotes. 
From a compliance stand point we'd be able to explicitly ask "If you check this box you agree to __________" 
Would love to this this available.


Legal departments often require this feature. I may not be permitted to implement without the ability to collect a confirmation of acceptance.  It could be in the form of a checkbox, or, perhaps even better, an additional signature-type button that signs off on a statement of acceptance of the terms.

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Love the new quote templates and the available customization but this is an absolutely necessary feature per my legal team. A checkmark or Signature Quote property - maybe that could be copied over to Company property with a workflow - with a date stamp property would open up a world of possibilities for me and my clients.

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I see that when you create a Payment link you can add contact properties - one of which can be a checkbox that is required. So yes. I could create a payment link each time I quote a customer - but it would always require a payment.

However, the way I typically create a quote is by doing it from the deal screen. So I'm talking to a customer. They want to know how much I cost for the deliverables we've discussed. I say "I'll send ya a quote!". I log the Contact in my HubSpot. I create a deal associated. I add the line items to the deal. I click on "+Add" in the Quote box from the Deal profile. I choose my template which has my Terms and Conditions all filled in. It auto populates the Contacts and Companies according to what was associated with the deal. It auto populates me and my Company info. It auto populates the line items I've already added to the deal. I really love this part cause it means the customer doesn't have to do any typing. I can choose signature and payment options (maybe I want a signature commitment but want to invoice them after the work has been completed? So I wouldn't be taking payment at this time?). I hit publish and I have this wonderful quote to email them where all of what we've talked about is lined out. But there isn't an option for me to add any properties like a checkbox where they are accepting my terms and conditions.

If anyone is working on allowing contacts to redline contracts to update contact properties like address or phone number that might have been entered wrong... this might fall in line with that development since it could be tied to contact properties?



This would be AAAAAmazing!!! Have any of you discovered a work around?


Yes please! I am currently using a loophole that gets the job done but would look more professional and clean if it was a checkbox. The loophole is to create a dropdown select contact property labeled "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions" and the only option to choose from us "Yes". Then add that contact property to the payment link. 


Please, that would  be great



Yes please!  This would be so helpful!


Hello all. I have actually made the functionality that you are looking for.  Rixxo will turn this into a module or extension we can put into the store at some point when it requires less customisation and tweaking per template/instance.


Here is a video demonstrating the features


You'll be excited to know we've also managed to include:

  • Print only content
  • An initial shortcode that can be placed anywhere
  • Terms checkbox that enables/disables the button

Whilst doing this implementation we found numerous other opportunities and little hidden easter eggs we could use. 


As I said previously we can't just launch this as a terms checklist addon because each business will have different processes or requirements and there are some limitations that can only be removed by customising modules or creating a child theme.


Please feel free to get in touch if you're interested in having this implemented into your Hubspot.