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Check if Object Owner is a Member of a Team within Workflows

I'm trying to set up a workflow for lead routing where we want to first check if the Contact Owner is a member of one of our Teams. If the Contact Owner is not a member of that team, then the workflow will first Round Robin assign the Contact to a member of the Team before the other actions are performed, otherwise, it will do just do the actions without first assigning ownership.


Basically, I want the if/then branch to be "Contact Owner is any of [member of {{Blank}} Team}}]" instead of just "Contact Owner is any of: {{Specific User1}}, {{Specific User2}} which is what's currently all that's allowed.


The reason for this is because, without the ability to check a team and having to set a specific list of users to check ownership against, when there's turnover in the team then it will break this workflow.

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This is a great idea, and I know it will save users a lot of time, especially where teams are dynamic! Thanks for sharing this, and I agree that this is a much-needed feature in HubSpot! 


Nice idea, would be a very useful feature to many


We already have the HubSpot team property which is "The team of the owner of a contact."