Chatflows only support contact and companies properties


When you create a new action in the Chatflow, the "Save to HubSpot property" displays only contacts and companies property.

I would expect that Ticket properties will be displayed as well.




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Use case: help contacts to easily differentiate chats created from support bots in web apps. It would be useful if we could insert Ticket tokens like "Ticket name" in the last message that's seen in the chat widget window after a chat closes.


Workaround for now: have bot ask visitor a question to store the topic in a custom contact property (e.g. "Ticket topic") > Insert this contact token into the last message of the bot



Topic names captured in chat widget.png



I spent a few hours working with someone from HubSpot trying to see if we could come up with a way to set a ticket propery (URL where the issue is occuring) based on asking a question in the chatflow.


We weren't able to get it to work because you can't set ticket properties from a chatflow or copy contact properties to a ticket property.


Would be great to get this addition from HubSpot.


There's also another similar thread with a great write up


Exactly as @Serretta says, I also wrote an idea specifically for this topic. We really need this to be developed!

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I support this idea. So far we have to use a work around by creating both contact properties and ticket properties and copy the value from contact to ticket with a workflow. Difficult to maintain, and very easy to get lost and loose control.