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Chatflows: Grant access to non-admin users

We would love to give other users that do not have full admin permissions the possibility to build and edit chatflows, without letting them publish them. It is an issue now that only admins can look at them. Can we add chatflows to the user roles functionality for custom access options?

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For real, why was the product built this way? 

I need my SDRs to edit chatflows sometimes, but can’t have them having admin access to our entire HubSpot… 


Actually it makes no sense that only a Super admin can manage chatflows.


We have a team of aprox. 100 sales people plus managers.  There is no way we want to unlock the account simply so they can handle chat flows.  Even for those who don't use chat flows, we still require all new sales staff to complete and pass the HubSpot Software Certification.  They can't complete the practical exercise for chat flows unless we unlock a whole host of permissions that we don't want them to have.  Would you honestly give a first time driver the keys to a Ferrari?  That's precisely what we're doing here!

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks so much for the feedback. This is something we have in the backlog in the near future. There are two settings we are planning on adding one for editing chatflows and another for managing the team management page. These are both planned in Q2 and I will update as soon as I have a definitive timeline. 


This needs to be fast-tracked! How this was logically lumped in with admin permissions is beyond me.


This is beyond me ... how can a feature like this be added without the model to match the most common authorisation cases?


And this thread is soon two years old?




Agree with all of the above comments on this thread, this needs to be fast-tracked!


+1 to everyone saying this needs to be fast-tracked. We're a company with fewer than 75 people and this is a huge inconvenience/security risk—can only imagine what larger orgs are feeling. 



That would be great. Since chatflow and user access are actually separate concerns.


Yes! We need this as well - does not make sense to have Chatflows a super admin privelege. 


Could you please provide an update of the above request?

HubSpot Product Team

Thank you everyone for your continued feedback and upvotes on this idea. I'm excited to announce that this has been delivered to all customers! You can now give a user access to edit/write/publish changes to chatflows without having to grant them full super admin or account admin access. Here's how:


1. Naviate to Settings > Users & Teams > select a user

2. Click on the "CRM tools" settings underneath the "CRM" tab

3. Scroll to the bottom and toggle "Chatflows" ON


Next up, we'll be working on similar granular permissions for team management. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!