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Chatflow doubles as knowledge base search only

Something that HelpScout offers that makes a lot of sense it having a contact form on the knowledge base (which we already have) and then having the "chat" function search as a knowledge base search only.


So the case here is the following:


1) We don't have knowledgable agents ready to be able to chat on a regular basis, but we love being able to offer a knowledge base search directly on whatever page they're on. We need to be able to deploy "chat flow" functions on certain pages with only a knowledge base search, not a live chat function. This would be a setting item within the chatflow setup that would say "Enable live chat" with a toggle.

2) The other issue here is that we have dozens, DOZENS of users within 7 of our conversation boxes. We need to be able to set either "inherit users" for the attached convo box OR we need to be able to set CERTAIN users for each chat flow. That would ensure that only if that user is ON and AVAILABLE would the chat function be activated, else it would simply be a knowledge base search function when that user is not available.


As it stands now, we have to tell EVERY rep ( and new hires ) to remember to turn off their availability to "away" unless we want a lot of chats coming in on a regular basis to a box that is not ready to handle chats because a particular in

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Honestly, this would be great. Can they just take what they have built for their own product and package it for customer use? 

Below: What they offer vs. what they use. I just wish we could integrate into our own product something similar to what is on the right. 



I have virtually the same needs and issues, I just want to enable the knowledge base without chat, and maybe eventually chat, but not right now. How is this not possible?


Similar to the above It would be great if you were able to enable the knowledge base seearch when you open chat but also if they go to chat that they would get suggest articles based on their query. At the moment you can only do one or the other by having Knowledge Base + Live chat or by creating a Bot that includes a knowledge base search.