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Chatbot Quick replies: edit possibilities

Good morning.


When building chatbots, it would be great to edit the quick replies added under a message for two reasons:

1. Right now I have to delete it and add it again (and it would be added after the last one).

2. I can't move the quick replies (so I have to delete all of them and add them all again giving the order I want).


Thank you so much

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It's so easy to build out a complex and rather smart bot in the current editor, but it's just as easy to destroy all of that work at this point. Not having the ability to edit quick replies nor a way to rearrange the replies seems like a colossal miss in functionality. I'm surprised that this suggestion is still open after all these years. A smart chatbot with the ability to run different users through unique chatflows shouldn't have such rigid editing capabilities. 


Thank you @mcraciun for supporting this request, do you have access to dev logs and know if this is in the works? 


I'm quite amazed, like other posters, that this is still an issue in Anno 2021 for something raised already in 2019. And users commenting that they're not in beta anymore is indeed quite apt. This is such a time-waster for such a basic functionality. Is it really expected that all people get something right the first time always and that you can't experiment whatsoever?  


HubSpot, please look into this. It is extremely frustrating to go in and make changes to a quick reply. 


Does the HubSpot team even look at these user requests? Almost 3 years and zero help on a very small request.

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Adding another AGREE!!


This lacking makes using the Hubspot "solution" totally useless.  I'm not spending days and weeks creating a bot, only to discover that I want or that the needs of the customer are that "Option 3" should actually be in the #1 spot.  And then the only way to fix it is to delete everything and put it back in the new order?

No thanks. Will find a different solution.




Yes, it is now 2022 and this problem still exists!!


But, seriously, @OliviaB - does HubSpot ever reply to, solve, or care about these customer requests? Could you help us understand what HubSpot does with these requests? It's been 3 years and this is a *massively* obvious problem.


I'm asking sincerely. I know it's not your problem, but if you could send along our frustration in a nice little package up to leadership to let them know what a bad experience it is to see no improvement or even acknolwedgement of the issue? And, if you have any details you can share about whether they ever look at these (beyond just "Our customer feedback is of utmost importance to us.").


Thanks for your help.


+1 please! 

Add the possibility to move answers to re-order them, and the option to edit the text of quick replies. 

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Definitely needed! To change the wording of the first quick reply you need to remove all, re-add, then reconfigure the logic. Makes simple changes take quite a while. 

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@kkarner Believe it or not, that is the only reason we don't use Hubspot's Chatbot. 


Not being able to make an edit, without trashing the entire thread!!! Whoever let that pass QC, should be thoroughly thrashed with a wet noodle.



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YES! So frustrating to rebuild the responses when you add a new one and have to fix the order. At least now the paths for next steps are saved and you can pick from the dropdown, but simple drag & sort would be awesome!

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@Jnix284 Yes the paths are nice, but why in the world would someone think it a good idea to trash an entire thread, to make one simple edit.




Circling back on a year for this chatbot editing issue and zero movement from the HS team. This is a bad joke. 


Very frustrating to have to start over.


This isn't just annoying, it's a radical limitation. We are leveraging the chatbot because I appreciate the level of integration it has in objects. That said, this limitation might force me to switch back away to a different tool.


I also agree that the if/then functionality is a mess and certainly doesn't match the workflow paradigm. Working through if/then branches is highly confusing.

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Really surprised to see this is still an issue... Any plans to look at this? Doesn't have to be fancy drag-and-drop, even just typed order/number value would be great.

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It's just unthinkable that this functionality is not present on a tool in production. As soon as there is the slightest text correction or the addition of a new option, you have to redo everything... incredible. When, in addition, you have to manage the tool in several languages, it becomes a nightmare.

Since 2019 no change, no message from HS...


Here's why I'm baffled:

1. HubSpot is self-defined as mega-focused on the power of "Inbound". 

2. Chat and self-service chat sequences are VITAL to inbound.

3. HubSpot's chat builder experience is close to the worst chat builder I've ever used and they've known the issues for *MORE THAN FOUR YEARS*. 


And... nothing... NOTHING has changed in that time. Four years of completely ignoring the feedback.


Make sure to subscribe to this topic to see another four years of customers sincerely pleading for help and being ignored. 

And, when you are frustrated, don't forget, "Customer feedback is of utmost importance."

This is the primary reason I downgraded from Professional to Starter and moved to another CRM for my emails and chatbots (because I iterate and A/B test and refine my chat experience constantly). I'll eagerly come back if they ever decide to listen.

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@TheKickstartHQ May I ask what CRM you migrated to?  We may do the same.  Having A LOT of issues with HubSpot "fixing" what's not broke and then never fixing what is.  



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I agree with all of the comments. Being able to easily update or modify a chat bot would be extremely helpful and time saving.