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Chatbot Quick replies: edit possibilities

Good morning.


When building chatbots, it would be great to edit the quick replies added under a message for two reasons:

1. Right now I have to delete it and add it again (and it would be added after the last one).

2. I can't move the quick replies (so I have to delete all of them and add them all again giving the order I want).


Thank you so much

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YES! It's ridiculous that this isn't an option. It makes it such a hassle to change or optimize quick replies. 


Please, please, please and please, add drag and drop ordering of quick replies.


I guess this idea is dead-in-the-water? Being able to use drag/drop to change the order of items is such a common usability feature now-a-days that it took me quite a bit of dragging before I figured out it isn't built into Hubspot's chatflow yet. I'm all for it.


Not user friendly at all, need to fix this. This service add-on was clearly NOT ready to launch. Hate being a beta tester, I am a paying customer. Lame

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At the very least, it'd be nice to be able to edit quick replies. 


Agreed. It is totally asinine that this functionality doesn't exist, especially from a company who preaches reducing friction as much as Hubspot does. 


Agreed. I have to redo so much because they don't have this capability. It seems poorly thought out.


HubSpot - Please make this change! Drag and drop ordering would be great, but just the ability to edit the responses would save so much time. If I notice a typo after our chatbot is set up, I literally have to re-do the whole thing just to fix a typo. Do not like!!! 0/10. 

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer +1


These are extremely important features for ChatBot! Looking forward to the solution.




This needs to be updated asap! I've built out so many flows that I need to now destroy and re-do just because of an ordering issue... super frustrating and a waste of time. Hubspot please prioritize this!! 🙂 


Yes, please!

This would be a huge time saver.


Thanks for considering! 


Upvoting on behalf of a customer! [2]

Seriously, guys, we are not beta testers. It's so ridiculous that you can't simply drag and drop these quick replies. As it was said above, that will be a huge time saver.


Supporting both suggestions and the drag & drop order.

My usecase is also, that we were quickly building a network of actions for the chat bot and finally figured shorter quick replies would've been better.

Also, it gets quite complicated when you created a vast network of actions and then have to redo the connections of the quick replies. Its easy then to destroy like everything...


How is this even possible - such basic functionality being mentioned in April 2019 and people still complaining and Hubspot not fixing it? Why would you not be able to make a chat flow without stressing yourself out about everything being perfect? I mean, someone checking the copy of my chatbot literally means that they'll have to manually rewrite all of it. This is pure insanity 😄 Truly disappointing, but not exactly surprising since this platform is chock full of omissions and inefficiencies. I guess if you market yourself as superior, you don't have to actually do anything to maintain that superiority in practice.  


Upvote. This would be super useful.

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+1 this would be really useful. Or the option to re-order the options. For example, if you have a question with 3 existing quick replies, "other" being the last one., then you want to add another option. It doesn't make sense to add a new option after the "other" option, but instead, you want to add this new option as the third quick reply, and "other" which was the original third reply, as the last (fourth) option. Currently, we'd have to delete the other option, add this new one and re-add "other" so that it can be last on the list. 


+1 - been waiting for both suggestions since day 1 using HubSpot. Very very useful!

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How is this still an issue? I can't rearrange my quick replies? HubSpot, please make this a priority

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Cannot believe that these updates haven't been added yet. Please update asap!


This isn't really a fix but kind of a shortcut to quickly add quick replies:


Copy all of the options to excel, one in each cell in a column. Then add a ";" right next to it so it shows like:


option a;

option b;

option c;

etc. except the last option.


Then copy all of the cells with the options and paste them into the chatflow quick replies box and it will paste them all in. The ";" symbol acts as a separator.


Hope this tip helps you save time!