Chatbot Quick replies: edit possibilities


Good morning.


When building chatbots, it would be great to edit the quick replies added under a message for two reasons:

1. Right now I have to delete it and add it again (and it would be added after the last one).

2. I can't move the quick replies (so I have to delete all of them and add them all again giving the order I want).


Thank you so much

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YES! It's ridiculous that this isn't an option. It makes it such a hassle to change or optimize quick replies. 


Please, please, please and please, add drag and drop ordering of quick replies.


I guess this idea is dead-in-the-water? Being able to use drag/drop to change the order of items is such a common usability feature now-a-days that it took me quite a bit of dragging before I figured out it isn't built into Hubspot's chatflow yet. I'm all for it.


Not user friendly at all, need to fix this. This service add-on was clearly NOT ready to launch. Hate being a beta tester, I am a paying customer. Lame

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At the very least, it'd be nice to be able to edit quick replies. 


Agreed. It is totally asinine that this functionality doesn't exist, especially from a company who preaches reducing friction as much as Hubspot does. 


Agreed. I have to redo so much because they don't have this capability. It seems poorly thought out.


HubSpot - Please make this change! Drag and drop ordering would be great, but just the ability to edit the responses would save so much time. If I notice a typo after our chatbot is set up, I literally have to re-do the whole thing just to fix a typo. Do not like!!! 0/10. 

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer +1


These are extremely important features for ChatBot! Looking forward to the solution.




This needs to be updated asap! I've built out so many flows that I need to now destroy and re-do just because of an ordering issue... super frustrating and a waste of time. Hubspot please prioritize this!! 🙂 


Yes, please!

This would be a huge time saver.


Thanks for considering! 


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Seriously, guys, we are not beta testers. It's so ridiculous that you can't simply drag and drop these quick replies. As it was said above, that will be a huge time saver.


Supporting both suggestions and the drag & drop order.

My usecase is also, that we were quickly building a network of actions for the chat bot and finally figured shorter quick replies would've been better.

Also, it gets quite complicated when you created a vast network of actions and then have to redo the connections of the quick replies. Its easy then to destroy like everything...


How is this even possible - such basic functionality being mentioned in April 2019 and people still complaining and Hubspot not fixing it? Why would you not be able to make a chat flow without stressing yourself out about everything being perfect? I mean, someone checking the copy of my chatbot literally means that they'll have to manually rewrite all of it. This is pure insanity 😄 Truly disappointing, but not exactly surprising since this platform is chock full of omissions and inefficiencies. I guess if you market yourself as superior, you don't have to actually do anything to maintain that superiority in practice.  


Upvote. This would be super useful.