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Chat queue for HubSpot Support

Chat support is great, so great that the reps are often all taken 🙂 and the support channel is grayed out. It's tough not knowing whether I could check back in 5 minutes or whether it's best to use another support option. 


With that in mind, might I suggest a chat queue. Knowing where I am in line and how long it might take to get to me would be awesome.


Staking a claim to a place in line or at least getting some visibility into the chances of me being able to connecto chat would be great.


Perhaps there's other ways of improving the experience, so hey, whatever works. 

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Please oh please.  We really need this.   Most of our other info is in HS but we may look at integrating a different chat platform in order to be able to have a "waiting list" for queued users.  Thanks.


Yes this would be so helpful.  Haven't been able to leverage chat in the last two weeks and today finally got in and mid typing it greyed out. Incredibly frustrating.


We would really really need a chat queue as well. We love having the chat integrated into Hubspot but not having a queue is really making us rethink if we should continue using this chat or maybe switch to another platform. Thanks!


This needs more traction! A chat queue would be incredibly helpful since we have had many customers get upset with delays in responses when we are especially busy


That Hubspot has not come up with a chat solution with queue management and the ability to control how many chats an agent can have at the same time is too bad in 2021. It is a functionality we depend on. We want to use hubspot's chat, but this means that we have to look for other solutions.


Uma fila de espera é super importante, hoje os clientes acabam ficando bravos com a demora no atendimento pois não sabem que estão em uma fila.


Do we now have the ability to set up chat queues? We have very high website traffic, and are reluctant to go ahead with live chat, if there isn't a queue option.


This would be very beneficial for us, our agents sometimes have 7-8 chats at a time and without a chat queue it makes it difficult to have a good overview.

But essential for a chat queue is that the customer waiting gets informed about where in the queue they are.


+1 Another customer that would greatly benefit from these suggestions here.