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Chat properties for workflow triggers

It would be great if there was an option to use conversation properties for workflow triggers.


Specifically, if we could have "chat agent" as an option so we could create workflows to assign tasks or send emails to the internal team managing live chat if they have failed to respond to a chat that was assigned to them to remind them to do so.


I know there are similar capabilities being rolled out for the service hub but it would be great to be able to trigger actions in workflows based off of new chats, etc. in conversations as well.

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I've tried a lot of ways to simply get notified when someone talks to a bot. Right now we only get notified once it finishes and the bot hands it off. We just looked through and saw 40-50 potential leads interacting with our bot over the last 2 months, but we never knew it! 


We have them a workflow to let us know but it only will fire if they are a contact. How can I achieve this? It seems silly that we can't get notified.


Yes! We would like to take over from the bot sometimes if we're available and know the conversation is going on. Or to just be ready ahead of time when the handoff occures rather than be caught by suprise when the bot is done.


Other use cases:


  1. Trigger an automated email work-flow when someone doesn't complete the chat
  2. When someone completes the chat, add them to an inclusion list (if connected to Salesforce)
  3. Workflow to update contact property based off of different chatbots
  4. Lead scoring based off of different chatbots
  5. Campaign tracking based off of different chatbots




+1 - I came looking for this for quality control.


Yes - i am looking for a way to notify our team that we have received a live chat. it would be nice to be able to set up a workflow 

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+1 Yeah. It will be super helpful.

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I´ve found the property: "conversation by bot is true" for smart lists. 


I now this is a very specific solution but it has worked for our case: 


- When visitors use the site chat they are always welcomed by a bot, this allows to have them on the list. 

- We have set the conversation so chats are always assigned to their HubSpot Owner. 


This configuration allow us to segment users that have used the chat bot or have talked to a specific agent for workflows and mailing campaigns through the "conversation by bot is true" list . Not the best solution but its great for service surveys and basic chat related marketing emails.

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I came looking for this too.

For my purpose I enabled this trigger and it worked:

Conversation source type is any of Live Chat


I simply needed a way to enroll leads into the workflow and know how they got into the system.

- Christian


I agree! I have really needed this week. It would be great if conversations that come into the HS inbox could be used to enable a Workflow as well as when you close a ticket it enables another trigger. 


It would be great if we could set up conversation workflows, and automatic messages based on chat behavior!

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Agree, we've lost countless leads because we aren't getting notified. Being able to create a workflow based on responses would be ideal. 

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Hi all-


We are excited to announce that Conversation-based workflows are now in a public beta. For access, please fill out this form.


For more details about this functionality, check out our Knowledgebase article. 


Thank you, 



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@cdewey22 that form appears to be blocked to the public currently.

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sorry about that @wredek it should be working now. If not feel free to email me at cdewey@hubspot and I will get added to your portal on Monday. thanks!

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Hey folks!

I'm happy to announce conversation-based workflows are now available in the workflow tool.


With conversation-based workflows, you can set up reminders based on conversations, trigger a custom in-app notification, send a follow-up or closing email to a customer, generate tasks or update a contact property based on a conversation, create a ticket for specific channels, chatflows, or inboxes, and much more!


To create a conversation-based workflow, simply choose the option on the workflow create screen.









Glad you added Chatflow triggers to Workflows.  I'm looking for a way to trigger an internal notification based on the visitor's text content.  We are a market research company.  If a visitor is a study participant having a question, we ask them to chat a specific word or text string and want to direct their questions to a specific resource.  Does the chatflow trigger in workflows handle that?


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@ShellyL We have not yet added that functionality but it is something on our radar for longer-term. I would recommend adding another idea here so we can track it and provide updates on progress in the future. Thanks for the idea! 




This is for sure needed, I want to be able to trigger a notification in Microsoft Teams when there is a new live chat on the website. 
We need maximum visibility to be able to respond in time to answer the query.