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Chat notifications

The notification sound for live chat is too low. It would be great if there were more loud sounds which ring for a longer time so that we could know even when we are away! Please do this asap :(((

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I second this suggestion. Also, the option to choose what the sound is. A small "ping" doesn't get my attention. However, a "ring" or other options would work better for me. 


We also have problems getting notified. Our teams are working in many different windows and tools or even away from desktop. So a longer sound till the chat is answered first (like a phone would do) would be a perfect solution.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone, 

Thanks for your feedback!

In February, we worked with a sound engineer to released a new sound that is louder but not unpleasant.

We’d love it if you could give us feedback on your experience with the new sound.

Thank you!