Chat notifications and end-user 'leave' chat option


End-user chat window must-have features

  • Give them a way to leave/close the chat from their end
  • Show an indicator when the end-user leaves, such as "'User' has left the chat [timestamp]", e.g. when they close their browser or navigate away from the page.  On the support side, it always appears as if the user is still active and we have no way of telling otherwise.

Support user/team notification

  • A nice-to-have feature in the case that the end-user hasn't responded in a while is to set a chatflow notification to remind the assigned user/team that there hasn't been any activity for 'set time' and to check on it to make perform an action.

HubSpot support has also confirmed they have this problem and cannot set any notification for this. They just close the chat if the user doesn't respond in 5 minutes.

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I second this suggestion. It seems like this is very simple chat functionailty that is found on other support platforms that is not available here.


This is a big stumbling block for our company using HubSpot, after moving over from ZenDesk which does this by default. Please can you implement this! 


My team also really wants this feature!


This is really a feature that we need. We have a lot of chat conversations every day, and this "follow up" take unnecessary time and focus from our agents, especially when the customer allready has left. This should be a default function as mentioned above. 


Hello - we would really like this feature. Hubspot has it when I open a chat with Hubspot, right? Why can't we have it? 🙂


This is a great idea. I agree with @CirrusAubrey -- why doesn't the Service Hub have the same nifty features that Hubspot uses internally to support customers?


Yes this would be usefull and time saving.