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It would be great to have an option, that allows the system to automatically change the Chat-Status of a User to "Unavailable" (Offline) as soon as the user is logged out.


We have our chat set to be online as soon as a chat-user is available. As we have different working hours in our branches, we cannot make the chat having fixed opening hours.  A combined option of "user availability" and "opening hours" of the chat would also helpful to minimalize this problem even though it would not solve it 100%. Right now you only choose either/or. 


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Hallo, bei unseren Team-Mitgliedern sind einige "offline", andere "verfügbar" - wie und wo kann ich das denn einstellen? Das bringt mich zu einer weitern Frage: Wir möchten die Notifications zum Chatflow auf unserer Webseite dauerhaft in das info@ Postfach führen. Gibt es eine Option gefunden, wie ich das einstellen kann? Danke im Voraus für Eure Hilfe und beste Grüße, Sabine


Hello, among our team members, some are "offline", others are "available" - how and where can I set this? This brings me to another question: We would like to have the notifications for the chatflow on our website permanently in the info@ mailbox. Is there an option found to set this up? Thanks in advance for your help and best regards, Sabine