Changing the from address when using a shared inbox

Currently it is not possible to set the 'from' address when answering email that come into a shared team inbox. This is a problem for us as our compliancy settings are very strict and we should only be using personalized inboxes to communicate with (potential) clients. 


I would therefore like to humbly request that Hubspot implement the feature that allows the 'from' address to be manually set when anwsering a conversation email from a shared inbox.

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Hi Rianne,


I like the idea as well. Not only from compliance perspective but also from (key account) customer perspective as they are not keen to receive Emails from an unpersonalized account. So "masking" the sender like zendesk or the like are doing would be a great first step. 


Looking forward to see some upvotes on this topic.





HubSpot Moderator
HubSpot Moderator

My  client has a slightly similar issue that falls into the same category: He is Dutch and needs the from email address to be eg. Sabine Schmidt van HubSpot. At the moment the "from" is only available in the Languages i can set in "profile & preferences". Eg if I select French it shows Sabine Schmidt de HubSpot, if I choose English it shows Sabine Schmidt from HubSpot. This has to be available in more languages OR we should offer a solution like Sabine Schmidt | HubSpot