Changing the default task due date and time


HubSpot recently made an update to change the default task due date to 3 business days. I've had a number of customers call in wondering if there is a way to change this in HubSpot, which there isn't.


A great tool for our customers would be to set default values for the due date when create tasks, as well as the default time.

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This would also be helpful for my team to be able to change the default date. Tomorrow worked well for us in our industry, and it's a bit fiddly to always change them from 3 days to tomorrow. Thanks!

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer! It would be great if the task "due date" default (now set to 3 business days) can be customised in settings by each user, since each user is working with different timelines

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer as well 🙂 


Where the **bleep** did 3 days come from. A default of tomorrow makes the most sense...

Please change it or better yet, allow customers to customize it.


Same here, 3 days does not work for us and is a source of error if someone forget it to change. 


It would be great if this was customizable. 


It would be great to have an option to set up default values ourselves rather than using pre set 3 days and 8am

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I like that I can set a task when sending an email or logging a call and customize the follow up date right away.  However, I would also like to select the time of the follow up task.  My Hubspot defaults to 8am. I don't even start work until 9am so my phone blows up with reminders before I am working (distracting noise), and I deal with offices all over the country.  I would like to select the time based on the timezone they are in so I don't have to worry about calling someone on the west coast before they are up in the morning!


Also agree - It would be helpful if the task "due date" default (now set to 3 business days) can be changed by each user 


If default task due date can be customized that would be super helpful for our team. Thank you !


that feature is an absolute must, I can't believe Hubspot doesn't allow this flexibility - I spend so much time adjusting each task time... Workflows are great, but not everything falls under them.


I'd like to add by trying to describe the steps i take everyday, dozens times a day .
lets say im adding a note to a contact log and checking the box of add a task. there's a 3 working days as defulte (it will be great if we will be able to set our own defult). usually i need to change it so i click on that and a window opens with the options tomorrow, 2 days, 3 etc. but it set to mon-fri and i work sun-thu so i always need to go to custom and its frustrating.
last but not least - lets say i choose tomorrow (or even the defult of 3 days or whatever option there is). its Automatically choose 8am and most of my tasks needs to be comleted a bit later than that. 

i'd appreciate if you add a feature allow us users to define our own working days & hours and default settings since your product is being used worldwide and cross sectors. 


This is definitely a must if Hubspot wants users to use Tasks! Those additional clicks to change e.g. the due time just add a perceived TON of work and it gets very frustrating. 


Good idea!


This could also be accompanied by the ability to create custom task templates.


Example: I send over a contract and want to remind myself to follow up by the end of the next day to see if there are any questions. This same task is created over and over, but it's low enough volume and differs enough amongst reps that it's not worth creating/maintaining a workflow to accomplish this.


I anticipate that this functionality could be useful for both individual tasks or in workflows.


Yes, it would be easier to manage the tasks and to be sure not to forget some. Thanks a lot for this !


It would be really handy to set the reminder to automatic as well. I have noticed that it is no longer setting one automatically (a reminder). Is anyone else finding this? Is this something I can already fix?


Yes that would be perfect if we can set our own defaults in our own way with time and business days!


yes please! I used to have this feature and I need it again!