Changing send date of sequences

When you change the send time for the first email in a sequence, all tasks associated with that sequence should also change to align with that time. As it stands, only the first one changes, so you have to manually change every sequence step. This is not an efficient use of time.

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 I second this. I believe this already happens with the date automatically. (Because it's designed in such a way that if there is no action, then in _ days do next task.).


Or give an option to automate, like if the user changes the time of the first task in a sequence which should result in a button/pop up to appear asking if the same time should apply to all of the rest of the tasks on their respective dates.


That would be great! Anyways, thanks for everything so far. Hubspot has been really helpful in automating most of my repetitive work and giving me more time to focus on more crucial things. Thank you!

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Still waiting for such a feature. Very inefficient for setting up sequences meant to execute at a future time.