Changing Ownership of a Task Queue


Need the ability to handover the admin duties of a task queue to someone new. I have to ask the person who created the queue to add people, and that person is no longer in the position that warrants them adding people to that queue.

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Shared Task queues could use a better management experience that addresses

  • users don't know who else is in the queue with them
  • users don't know who owns the queue they are in
  • admin's cant change the owner of the shared queues
  • the owner can't change the owner of the queue


One idea is to let the 'edit' button be clickable for anyone, so they can see the membership and indicate in the member list who is the owner, and disable the save button with a warning that says only the owner can save changes. If you're an admin you should be able to manage all the queues and even have an extra button that changes the owner to an existing memeber.