Changing Default Label for Properties

Within the property editor, there is the ability to change the label of drop-down items. As well as choose which items appear as options within the drop-down of the forms. These changes work globally across all forms that use these properties:


Edit Drop Down Property.PNG


This is useful when you may want the item to appear in simple terms for the customer, without changing the name of the property you use internally for reporting. Sometimes it makes sense for the label and internal value to differ.


I'd like to see this same functionality be applied to the Property level.


Each time I add "Lead Source" to a form I manually go in and change the label to "How did you first find us?"


Right now the only way to have the form editor default to "How did you first find us?" when addign the properoty to a form is to change the property name. But I dont want to change the property name as that will effect my internal reporting. It makes more sense for the customer to be asked a question, BUT more sense for internal reporting to see the property as "lead source." Thus being one of the times when it makes sense for the label and internal value to differ. 


Lead Source in form editor.PNG

The reason I would like to be able to default this properties label to always first appear as "How did you first find us?"  when added in the form editor is so that we do not accidently add this property to a form and forget to change the label.. thus leaving it in the form as Lead Source (which will not mean much to the customer). Can always change the default as needed. But would be really nice to specify the default.


Would also be good to be able to create a default help text for a property as well... so that the same help text appears each time that field is used. But not as important.


Do others see a need for the same/similar functionality to be added?