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Changes Requested to Formatting Forms

Forms Tool Improvement Suggestions

I have a few wish list items for the forms editor that I'm hopeful are easy fixes.


1. Text Editor Quirks

A heading as it appears in the editor:CGREENE_0-1638216373788.png



As it appears on the form in-process (display on the right of the screen):




So if I’ve changed it in the editor, it appears not to change in the display on the right. Once I'm in the actual form link, this is how it appears:



Additionally, control over line spacing in forms and in the blog leave room for improvement. It would be nice if we had as much control over the spacing (and that it would be immediately evident between the text editor and the display on the right) as one might have in Word.


In summary on this point I wish for:

  • for the changes one makes in the editor to appear on the right-side display as you are making them (as it does for most other things)
  • for the text size to be more accurately reflected between the displays. In this example, in the editor it looks like the text will appear large, but when you view it via the link, the size is underwhelming
  • More control over/accurate representation of line spacing


2. Branding Hyperlinks. For forms to allow me to automate the color of my hyperlinks to match my branding. I spend a lot of time switching the colors from the default blue. Could that be doable via the global branding settings? Sure would be a timesaver.