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Change ticket owner in bulk in Helpdesk

It is very much needed to have the possibility to edit the ticket owner in the Helpdesk in bulk.


For example if an employee leaves the company and open tickets should be handed over the another colleague. Or if open unassigned tickets need to be divided between colleagues. Now we have too many clicks to change the owner in bulk.

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Hi @RoosCompaijen,


I don't believe there is a way to do this through the UI currently, but I know a lot of companies have this issue when people leave or are out.  You might be able to export, bulk update in Excel, then re-import. 


Also just wanted to share that Insycle's Assign feature can help here (full disclosure, I work for Insycle as a product marketer). 


With Insycle, you can re-assign tickets in bulk based on parameters. So in your case, a parameter might be that the ticket was assigned to a speicfic employee who left. Additionally, you can assign in flexible ways, including assigning open unassigned tickets among a group of reps. 


Here is an article we recently published on the Assign feature so that you can get a better idea of how it works. 


Hope that helps!