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Change the "created by user ID" property to user's names

Please change the "created by user ID" property to user's names, as opposed to user's id, and include "Hubspot" as an option as well to:

- be able to easily filter records accordingly

- be able to create lists accodingly

- be able to filter records created automatically by the system; like companies created off of contacts records' domains, which usually needs to be edited

- be able to extract reports out of the property


It, simply, just makes more sense!

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HubSpot Employee

+1. This would be a lot easier if it showed the names instead of the user IDs.


I agree this would make more sense.
We would like to report on who created companies and this would be much more helpful


I would like to see this change as well. When I try to use the User ID in a report, it doesn't yield the correct data.