Change the TO email in Conversations to the new contact when forwarding an email

We have both personal emails and department emails. Customers can email either. Only the department email (our support email) is used for the Support Hub. We have customers who email us directly and we forward the email to our support email to add the conversion to HubSpot. We change the Contact and the Customer. But the TO address is still whoever forwarded the email, and not the contact we selected. However, if you expand the Reply box (Edit Email Detail" you can type the email address you need or link other details such as companies, contacts, emails, and tickets. If the contact isn't in HS I believe you can still type it in. It's pretty frustrating. 


I would like the TO address to update to the email address of the Contact/Customer selected in Conversations. Given the fact that the TO email will stay the email you select (as the screenshot shows below) going forward, instead of defaulting the TO email to the address that forwarded the conversation, this idea of a 1-1 relationship between email thread and TO address seems faulty. 


While this is an issue for me when forwarding emails, this could also apply to Conversations where the Contact/Customer is updated, but the email isn't forwarded. 


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