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Change the 10 super admin users who get notified for 2fa reset

Would like a setting to be able to choose who get's notified during a 2fa reset process. For larger accounts, there are certain super admins that are more suited to handle this process.



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As our Support and IT departments grow, the earliest users do not necessarily equate to the users most likely to be supporting the HubSpot application. Instead of managing the Super Admin list to be 10 or fewer, when there are points where other folks need to jump in, isolating the users or sending to more of the users for this would be helpful.

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This limitation is causing real issues for larger accounts. 


Yes, this would be extremely useful and important. I'm experiencing a similair issue right now and I would like to change the people who have the right to be in this top 10... 


Same issue here, Hubspot just spammed my company's leadership team with an unnecessary email that can be resolved by me in 5 mins. I wish I could just chose me as the person to notify in such a case...but due to the way it's working, I wasn't even in the first 10 admins to be notified, very frustrating.