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Change sitemap URL

The HubSpot-generated sitemap can only be hosted at [subdomain].[yourdomain].[tld]/sitemap.xml - for example:


This is fine when using CMS Hub Professional. It's fine when using CMS Hub Enterprise without reverse proxy. It can become very problematic when using reverse proxy. 


If, for example, you're using reverse proxy to put your HubSpot-hosted content on then HubSpot will still try to put the sitemap at 


In many reverse proxy situations, you are likely to want three sitemaps: 

- the first for the domain as a whole ( (which will just show where to find the other two sitemaps)

- the second for the content hosted outside of HubSpot (

- the third for your HubSpot-hosted content


At the moment, this isn't possible, which causes significant limitations with the new reverse proxy feature. 

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We have the exact same issue. Any changes on that anytime soon?

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HS team, 

We have exact same issue, please review and release this feature soon