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Change publisher of LinkedIn post to the one that actually posted it.

In the current integration of LinkedIn and Hubspot, LinkedIn shows the name of the one who connected the LinkedIn account as the publisher of the post. Of course, many times, this won't be the case. This is misleading for administrators of the LinkedIn company page that check the post on LinkedIn. 

I would like the name of the actual poster appears in the administrator view of the company page. 

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Even worse than the above, the person that connected our account is no longer with the company, so we have a non-employee's name now associated with our posts. I'm assuming I'm going to have to disconnect and reconnect it to change the name. I would rather the integration not list a poster's name at all or be able to choose the poster like is said above. 


The HubSpot help section shows the following: 

It is not possible to configure the name of the user posting to the social network. The social network will display the name of the user who connects the social account to HubSpot as the post creator. This is because HubSpot publishes the post to the social network using their credentials.


To change the name of the user, you can disconnect and then reconnect to the social network with the user that you want to post from. 


We used Sprout Social, surely if they can do it, then HubSpot can create something similar as it just doesn't look professional.