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Change meetings button colors

It would be nice for the ability to adjust the color of the buttons on the meetings page. I am embedding the meetings widget on a website and the orange does not fit at all. I know you can set your 4 main colors in HubSpot but neither of them affect the button colors for the meetings.

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We strongly support this idea. 


Being able to customise the button color is essential. Changing the text color and font would be a nice to have. 


Agree, this is essential. Every other element of the meetings scheduler can be updated to match our brand except for the orange button. We have also embed the meeting scheduler into our app as part of a wizrd and the button color change to orange is jarring. 


Please can we have the ability to change the orange colour so we can brand our demo booking page?


This would be really helpful - we want to implement bookings across different websites and they don't all share the same branding!