Change lead rotation percentage

I would like to be able to adjust the percentage of lead rotation that occurs. For example, I am going to rotate leads between 2 sale reps and I want a 60/40 split, rather than even split.


Also, possibly being able to link to calendar availablility would be great as well. For example, atuomatically taking into account peoples vacations.

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I can do this for you with the API, I already have the app built, to incorporate vacations would just need to connect to a calendar and do some additional coding.



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I was asked to do this just now and am disappointed there is no option to do so. If anyone can help me set up a custom API, I'd be extremely grateful. 

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Xtinnna we have a script we can set up for you on a subdomain, we charge $50/month or you can buy the code for $500

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SUPER surprised that this is not possible within hubspot. 

we are in the same boat, we need one rep to get 30% and the other 70% of leads. 

how is this not possible?

we have to ask our reps to do it manually? 

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Same issue for us. Anyone found a solution to this yet?

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We can do this using a custom program and the webhooks/api from hubspot.   If you want us to customer develop a script for you PM me.